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MAPC2MAPC can do many things with maps! It can create maps for Locus from many sources. Digital maps are usually made up of two files : an image file(PNG, JPG, TIF etc) and a calibration file (MAP, TAB, TFW etc).

There are many free maps available :  Ordnance Survey Opendata maps in the UK, Libremap and NOAA Marine Charts in the US, CNIG in Spain, ....

This page shows how to make a Locus map from an OZI map - a MAP file and an Image file. The process is similar for all maps. If you have scanned a map and need to calibrate it then look at the 'How to' page on the left.

Try MAPC2MAPC before you buy! An unregistered version does everything but adds random red Xs onto the map image. To register, see below.

Download it from here. There is no difference in function between 32bit and 64bit versions - the 64bit version will handle larger maps.


open calibration

Open the calibration file :

The map loads and displays some information about the calibration. If you then choose View, you can see the map. If you have an Internet connection then right-click on the map to see the same place in Google Earth.


Close the view window then select File>Write Mobile Atlas

Choose RMAPS format. If your Android device is attached to your PC then check 'Write Atlas directly to mobile device?' If it is not attached then the file is written to the same folder as the calibration file and you can copy it later.

Choose Locus>Maps folder on your Android.

Wait for the 'Done Mobile Atlas' message then Exit MAPC2MAPC.

Unplug your Android and go to Locus :-


Registration costs 9 (9 British pounds, about 10 Euros or 13 USDollars), a 10% discount for Locus users. Registration covers 32bit and 64bit versions, Email support and future upgrades. Registration is personal and not limited to one computer.

Please Email any queries to