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Load Track Overlay allows a saved track, route or any series of points to be drawn onto a map.

This form controls how the overlay will be added to the map image.

Choose the method : marks or lines; whether lines are dashed and the colour. Either use a perdefined colour or specify the Red/Green/Blue components.

The Overwrite Threshold is a value on the existing map below which the track will not be overlaid. So if, for example, the tracks are contour lines you can choose a level of detail over which they will not be written.

From version 525 then 'dash' is replaced by a line style. This uses two numbers : the first is the lenght of the solid part, the second is the length of the break. So a solid line will be 1 0; a dotted line 1 1; a dashed line with short breaks 5 1 and so on. These lengths are measured in line widths.

Also from 525, there is a new colour picker in addition to the preset colours. Use the bottom slider to see a Red/Green/Blue colour model or the right-hand slider to see Hue/Saturation/Luminence. Then click on the colour you want.

See also the section on map pins