Great Britain Mapping for OZI Explorer
for Desktop PC, Windows CE and Android

"OziExplorer allows you to work with maps on the computer screen that you create from scanned or digital maps. Ideal for planning trips for boating, 4 wheel driving, flying, hiking etc and as a real time navigation aid."


The maps are compatible with OZI Explorer running on the desktop and also the Windows CE and Android versions of OZI. There is no limit to the number of devices that you can use these on.

These maps are available for sale only to the UK and to countries outside the EU.

Available for immediate download for 6 per section or 25 for the whole of Great Britain. These files are large - 8GB in total - so they can also be supplied on a re-usable 16GB USB memory stick for 35. The USB stick can be shipped to UK only; please allow up to 14 days for post. Returns are only accepted if the USB seal is unbroken. These maps are distributed as a .zip file containing the map image and a calibration file. Simply unzip the file and, in OZI explorer load the .map calibration file.

Sections are South (Kent to Cornwall south of the M4), Wales, Midlands (England M4 to Sheffield), North (Sheffield to the Tyne), Lowlands (Tyne to the Tay), Highlands (Scottish Mainland north of the Tay), Islands (Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland).

Click here to download a sample and here to buy.  

Free 1:250,000 ("Quarter Inch") map of whole of Britain download from here (130MB zip file)

These maps are excellent value : in May 2013 Memory-map want 100 for the whole UK at a smaller scale. These are not iilicit copies! - my reprocessing of Opendata maps with extra data from Open Street Map is permitted by their licences. With several days to spare and the right software tools you could do it yourself but, at these prices, isn't it better to spend that time exploring the outdoors?

Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right 2011; OpenStreetMap contributors under Open Database Licence