The latest version, (8 April 2024) is 599 - link below. If you have problems unzipping the file, please try 7Zip. Then run the setup exe within the zip file.

Please note that there is no need to uninstall the previous release - the installation replaces all files. Preferences are recorded in Local Settings/Application Data or the equivalent depending on your version of Windows and will be preserved when a new release is installed.

The software is not digitally signed (most signing systems are either uneconomic or just not available for individuals) so Windows Defender may issue a warning message.

Some Anti-virus software is reporting a TB/Dropper virus in some versions. This is a 'false positive'. If you are concerned, use VirusTotal to scan the download link to check.

If you are using the Chrome browser then right-click on the link, copy the link address and paste this to a new window to download.



599 and 599_64 Correct cropping line;Best Fit function; include MSVCR110.DLL to avoid DLL Not Found errors

598 and 598_64 Minor fixes including 'zero size image' error.

597 and 597_64 Coordinate conversion now allows conversion of a CSV file; fix Alpinequest zoom levels; Allow Lambert projection in compiled KAP files; allow BING as a source of thumbnails.

596 and 596_64 Improve accuracy of OSGB datum conversion; new MarkMapChanged switch to allow writing of the image without changes. New utilty function to convert AlpinequestAQM to SQLite.

595 and 595_64 Fix to override screen density calculation. [This was failing for some users in V593 but the fix in V594 caused others to fail (calibration points move North-west). If you suffer this install V595 and check DPIX on Settings>General tab].

594 and 594_64 Open some RTMAP files; grid search for World Files; wider pen for tracks and crop; fix batch processing for Bitmap; updated version of; change target Net version to 4.5

593 and 593_64 Fix to correctly write Naviator charts; allow transparency writing KMZ and TIF; handle Matlab M files; add Mario Monte datum; choose zoom level when opening MBTILES and SQLITEDB as calibrated maps.

592 and 592_64 Stop crash with secondary monitor; support Swiss LV95 coordinates; add support for Bitmap7 output.

591 and 591_64 Fix crash when closing the program or updating settings

590 and 590_64 Fix handling of LatLonQuad in KMZ files; Additional KAP options; Fix to read 6-field GCP files from QuoVadis

589 and 589_64 Add ability to process KMZ files with internal <link>s; add ability to process more types of JNX files.

588 and 588_64 New functionality to add some processing functions - image changes and track overlays - into batch function; fix for thumbnail view.

587 and 587_64 Fix Crosshair position with non-std DPI; load sqlite as one image; fix for multi-level JNX to KML; add Lambert93 TAB files and JP2 for free IGN maps; display shifts for different datums.

Note : if the program fails with sqlite.dll not available, download and install the 32 or 64 bit net 4.0 package from here :

586 and 586_64 New function to load Fugawi FX4 files (not locked);Fixes : for crash with User Datums; Orux Sqlite; Mercator variant B;new utility to copy georeferencing information from a tif to another image of the same size; fixes for reading RMP files and viewing SQLITEDB; fix to populate MMPLL fields in OZI Map files.

585 and 585_64 Fix tile selection bug in v584

584 and 584_64 New datums including GDA2020 Australia; use VS to enable reading of large KMZ files; ensure JNX with 32bit offsets are handled correctly; new function to convert JNX files to KMZ - with the ability to handle large KMZ files this allows conversion of JNX to many formats; ensure SQL databases are closed when writing has finished; preserve filename CaSe on output; show Google PLUS code in coordinate conversion.

583 and 583_64 Fix various crashes; Change view shortcuts CTRL +/- to preserve cursor position on map and add new shortcuts CTRL F (fit),1 (100%), 2 (200%).; add Web Mercator as a calibration and fit option; thumbnail image uses OpenTopoMap instead of OSM (now blocked); improve accuracy of KMZ files from Mercator maps..

582 and 582_64 Allow {m} (web mercator) as bounding box definition when loading tiles; fix read Orux Sqlite when tiles are 512x512; fix loading KMZ when images have mixed scales;

581 and 581_64 Fix spheroid for GDAL 3xx; option to write image files as TIF instead of PNG; add MGRS to coordinate conversion; fix Orux Sqlite output; fix OS grid when using Fit Coordinates; new function for Text Overlays.

If you suffer "Freeimage dll not found" error, try downloading Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from You are going to want to select both ‘vc_redist.x64.exe’ and ‘vc_redist.x86.exe’ files to download. Then restart the computer.

580 and 580_64 Suport for GDAL 3xx versions which generate different data from GDAL_INFO; ability to draw a track overlay as regularly spaced icons; ability to save images as TIF instead of PNG; ability to fix a loaded or drawn track onto the map image.

579 and 579_64 New facility to write charts for Portable Navigator; accept TIFF as well as TIF extension; fix for MBTILES field sequence; check for GDAL when calibrating PDFs; revert to built-in UCASE function to avoid Buffer Overflow errors in some locales; correct JNX Thumbnails; warp to Latitude/longitude when making KMZ in Batch mode.

578 and 578_64 New facility to draw a 1km UTM (or OSGB) grid; fix Hungary Oblique Mercator; correct map name in MBTiles output; stop selection of invalid files for batch; pop-up message at end of batch run; correct name in GPX Tracks; fix blurred pixels when processing maps made by Mobile Atlas Creator. New utility providing coordinate conversion between all projections and datums known to the program. Also the facility to add user datums.

577 and 577_64 Default Thumbnails to Open Street Map (no key required)

576 and 576_64 Remove spaces from Layers Off string; new function to read Trekbuddy TAR sets; new functionality to create Naviator.charts; extensions to 'Merge Tile Stores' to allow  MGMaps input and Naviator output; special transparent colour can now have differing R,G and B components; fix for large KAP files with many colours, option to Dither KAP charts; open GMAP charts, faster save of palette images, add Slovakia grid (S-JTSK).

On 1 October 2018, Google removed free access for Static Maps. MAPC2MAPC used these to provide Thumbnail images to check and adjust calibration. To acquire an API Key for Googel Static Maps requires the establishment of a billing method. TomTom maps are less detailed and still require an API key - but it is free. There is a new item on the Edit menu to allow you to lodge an API key for either TomTom or Google.

575 and 575_64 Fixes to KAP output.

574 and 574_64 Improve speed of writing KAP files; bilinear available when four points are in the quadrants, not just at corners; fix for soem GEOTIFs seen as wrong type; always ask for output TIF path.

573 and 573_64 Improve Palette handling for GEOTIF and KAP; allow calibration of ECW and SID images; when map is calibrated with four corner points allow bilinear interpolation instead of best fit; fix conversion of KMZ to Mobile Atlas when KMZ has network images.

572 and 572_64 Allow GEOTIF calibrated with points; allow ECW in batch mode; fixes to GPX loading, RMAP input and 'Fit Coordinates' function.

571 and 571_64 New feature to write OSMDroid sqlite files; allow OZF2 file to exceed 2GB in size; fix tile store merge

570 and 570_64 Allow Prime Meridian in Datums (Ferro); choice of Mobile Atlas types from Huge File processing; new function to shift a map calibration by metres; fix KMZ loading, add Polar Steographic projection..

569 and 569_64 Retain Transparency when writing PNG files; SRTM online service no longer available; calibrate from GPX bounds; SHIFT+CLICK holds calibration point when map scrolled; allow PDF as an image for calibration (needs GDAL)

568 and 568_64 Correct handling of TIFF and PDF files with rotated geotransform coordinates; simplify GDAL installation; improvements to batch processing

567 and 567_64 Faster load of large TIFF files; option to print without grid overlay; handle transparency when reading KMZ/KML; option to generate DAY DSK and NGT in BSB/KAP files using fixed factors; option to specify a scale factor for display when generating BSB/KAP files in batch

566 and 566_64 Fix for grids on OKMap files; allow 'cut into tiles' for large TIFF images; allow JPG images when merging MBTiles; allow specification of PDF layers to be ignored; stop crashes during Merge; new facility to view log file

565 and 565_64 Fix to reading some KMZ/KML files; fix to reading GEOPDF Spherical Mercator files; handle JPR files with > 30 points; read KAP image with MAP calibration; fix GMI output; cut to tiles can now write JPG image and GMI calibration; allow 'Load Track/Waypoints Overlay' for large TIF files; calibration by selection from a list of waypoints.

564 and 564_64 Survive 'unable to allocate' when merging, survive grid draw failure, maintain palette into TIF and OZF2 when possible; Paris meridian for Tab datum 1002; Utility to merge sqlite/mbtiles, fix tile2tiff projection, auto Darken option on load, auto sharp on output applies to JNX also

563 and 563_64 New function to view OSMDroid sqlite files; New function to read zip files from Kystinfo Norway marine charts; add missing index in MBTiles

562 and 562_64 Fix UTM print for Southern Hmisphere; fis ESRI memory leak for blank tiles; put zoom and bounds into the sqlitedb for MBTiles; make TIF file from a tile store [convert several maps to a tile store and then load into Memory-map]; search function for grids.

561 and 561_64 Add an item count when processing batches; fix IMG Locale problem; auto crop option for WCI files; include WCD in Batch processing; fix .MBTiles format for EasyTrails; if extracted area of tiled map is too large then option to output as OZF2+MAP

560 and 560_64 New functionality when printing to print only the pages containing loaded tracks and print the tracks onto the pages. Fix false rejections of some keys.

559 and 559_64 Fixes for KAP Palette and reading BIGTIFF files

558 and 558_64 Revert to Freeimage 3.13 because of instability handling palette images on some computers.

557 and 557_64 Update Freeimage library to 3.15/3.17 and Libtiff to allow some BIGTIFF file processing; batch KAL processing; .TILE suffix for OSMTracker; long ESRI cache filenames; build map from tiles defined with North/South/East/West; option of a forced 7-colour palette for KAP charts; choice of Google Roadmap rather than hybrid for calibration..

 Note the Freeimage Library is bigger so increasing the download size from c2MB to c3MB. If you receive a message 'freeimage.dll not found', try installing the latest runtime modules from

556 and 556_64 Allow KAL files in Batch mode; additional calibration points in KAP files to improve accuracy; handle WCI files with skipped lines; fix Swiss Grid in .map; handle non-zero XORbyte in IMG.

555 and 555_64 Allow calibration with MGRS coordinates (not Polar MGRS); allow GEOTIF and GEOPDF with measurements in US Feet; handle large RMAP files like large TIFF files; fix map rescale when window resized.

554 and 554_64 Remove Alpinequest directories; improve IMG conversion (faster, better Bezier curves); remove reference to Arial font

553 and 553_64 Write TAB calibration file; improve quality of rendered IMG files; remember selected Datum between calibrations; stop recalibrating when less that 2 points remain; fix for MAP files with Irish Grid coordinates; integrate Navikey (7Ways) conversion

552 and 552_64  [MAPC2MAPC is now compiled with VB Express2010 - so the .NET environment needed is 4.0 and the SQLITE library is updated. This needs no action by users. This version has been tested under Windows 10]. Improve KMZ/KML loading; allow PNG in ESRI cache; allow 3x3 UTM CAL files; Correct mobile atlas output from maps that span 180 degrees.

551 and 551_64 Option to output GEOTIF as Mercator;  adjust calibration points recalculates immediately and keeps map screen open; option to crop reprojection artefacts; option to add SRTM contours to rendered IMG files.

550 and 550_64 Process KAL calibration files and UTM CAL files; option to retain lower case in KAP file names; accept ".jpeg" for ".jpg"; option to remove map collar when loading (program removes edge pixel lines that are 90% black or white)

549 and 549_64 Fix for BMP image calibration; write GEOTIF to OUTPUT folder in batch mode

548 and 548_64 Fix JNX file being written at fixed scale

547 and 547_64 Fixes : loop writing log at startup, crash after GPX source selection; Read RMAP UTM files; Progress window for batch jobs.

546 and 546_64 Allow GEOTIFs to be written with transparency; choice of KAP Polynomial methods; merge maps into Time2Place database; allow specification of a clipping path for TIF files.

545 and 545_64 Fixes for JNX image size and scale; fix formula lines in KAP charts (WPX,PWX etc) and fix for KAP files in locales where decimal point is comma; new function to build a multi-layer GEMF map around geocache or other waypoints.

544 and 544_64 Fix viewing window on Windows 8.1 systems with enlarged fonts; fix program 'hang' when making OZF2 files; fix for batch processing of VMware files; add batch conversion of OruxDB

543 and 543_64 Fix to read some RMP files; fix for some OZI MAP files; use GDAL for MrSID files instead of MrSIDGEODecode; allow editing of some KAP file fields for marine charts, fix to give correct datum on WCI files having two "GD=" entries; fix to read large WCI files (>16MB)

542 and 542_64 Offer OS format MAP for Trekbuddy Tar; more details adjusting calibration points; fixes for Mercator calibration.

541 and 541_64 performance improvement when viewing; fixes for some Grids; spurious characters in world file; missing data in PRJ; calibration for Mercator_1SP files; ask before overwriting TIF files.

540 and 540_64 Add Oblique Mercator projection; stop asking for GEOTIF output location in batch mode; keep JNX preferences in Wizard mode; remove formulae from output KAP files for large maps; change default Garmin Draw Order to 40

539 and 539_64 Add Bonne projection; make tile margins transparent for Alpinequest; configure GDAL-DATA when reading ECW and some other files; fix for Irish Grid in MAP file; make LZW compression optional for GEOTIF

538 and 538_64 Fix for 'Calibrate from a file of points' (bug in v 537); new functionality to GEOCode photographs.

537 and 537_64 Expand GEMF to add ZDAT file for MxMariner; allow tile selection in Wizard mode; write TFW with GEOTIF; build 'quilted' chart file for MxMariner (details here)

536 and 536_64 New output format NMAP for Navicomputer (Windows phone 7 and 8); handle large WCI maps; support WMS 1.3 (where coordinates are reversed); correct number of tiles selected from map sources; allow calibrations to be handled as 'rubber sheet' as an alternative to 'best fit'.

535 and 535_64 Fix for KMZ to Mobile Atlas when using CDATA[ in the doc.kml; read some RMP files; allow selection of map area for processing/output when viewing tile stores or databases with CTRL+mouse click; allow datums with 7-factor Helmut transforms..

534 and 534_64 Fix for map corruption at certain zoom levels in V533. If you have V533 replace it with this one.

533 and 533_64 Performance improvements; allow MBTILES as Map Source and changes to handling of Map Sources; remember several Datum Matches; Fixes for Warp UTM, JPR for TIF files, WCI with many points and KAP output

532 and 532_64 Fix WCI loading; keep calibration window open for four-corner calibration; read some formats of RMAP; process to find ECW and OZF2/3 images when MAP file does not identify them.

531 and 531_64 Minor fixes :  KMZ to Mobile Atlas Conversion; OZF2 output; pathaway in Wizard and Pathaway colour depth control; 2 point calibraion. Add cursor magnifier to calibrate from file of points.

530 and 530_64 Fix out-of-memory error when sharpening maps; fix JNX for latest format information (product ID in sub-block); MIME encode batch files for accented characters; add Darken/lighten to Batch functions; Fixes for KAP encoding and saving Trekbuddy TAR sets. Improve palette for large OZF2 maps. Note that the latest release of GDAL (10.1) no longer supports writing ECW files. This is due to a change in licensing policy - older versions still work.

529 and 529_64 Add function to output RMAP files compatible with TwoNav ; improve handling of transparency

528 and 528_64 Further fix to KMZ loading; remove dependence on 7-Zip (except for Trekbuddy TAR output);

527 and 527_64 New GCP calibration for Quo Vadis users; Fix MAP file across UTM zones; Open Trekbuddy MAP+SET maps (not TARed); New Wizard mode (default for new users) with a simplified user interface. Use File>Wizard Mode to enter and Menu Icon to exit.

526 and 526_64 Use correct map projection when only two calibration points, fix .cal problem with UTM projection; allow creation of KAP files from large TIF files; much faster output of SQLITE files; creation of maps in MBTiles format for DIY MAP GPS; MBTiles map viewer; force Maverick to sqlite format; fix calibration from non-WGS84 grid; fix load rotated KML/KMZ, experimental facility to render IMG vector maps

525 and 525_64 Enhance track drawing - two-model colour picker and more control over line width and dash properties.

and 524_64 Allow more processing for large TIF maps - e.g Load Tracks, Warp and Save; add Stereographic projections for Netherlands TOP25 maps. New page for online maps. Add Grid for LIDO map projection. Fix GEMF file output.

523 and 523_64 Fix overflow errors when drawing tracks or contours; fix drawing on 32-bit images

522 and 522_64 Correct behaviour in certain locales (e.g Turkish); handle WCD files; anti-alias drawn tracks; option to ignore .MAP cross-check on image size; fix for GEOPDFs with spherical Mercator projections.

521 and 521_64 Expand batch filenames list; fix WMS in European locales; fix gaps when making SQLITE maps; fix transparency when warping; fix loading KLM coordinates; new Utility function to view SQLITEDB maps as used by Locus, Galileo etc

520 and 520_64 Fixes for Pathaway parameters, reading OKmaps; PP parameter in KAP files.

519 and 519_64 Fixes for "=" in file names, Mercator in PRJ files, MGMAPS creation, PP parameter in KAP files; improved performance reading XML syntax (e.g GPX files); GDAL path now usually found automatically.

518 and 518_64 Allow Web Map Servers (WMS) as a map source; cache downloaded map tiles; correct UTM printing across zones; new CLB and GEO calibration outputs; replace FWTOOLS with GDAL; automatically save new calibrations

517 and 517_64 Fix Batch JNX creation; fix KML/KMZ open with [CDATA[; CTRL+C copies coordinates to clipboard; fix scroll bar position when dragging; allow override PDF DPI resolution; improve GDAL information

516 and 516_64 Fix Seaclear (WCI) decoding; fix JNX scale input; allow "&" in XML; transparency fixes; option to suppress Garmin file name check

515 and 515_64 Fix for transparent boders in SQLITEDB; fix Maps n Trax made from Mercator maps; fix 'No calibration' error on GEOPDFs; The Italy ita1 and ita2 grids are changed to Rome 1950 datum to match Ozi, New entries for the ED50 datum have been added; usability improved by program remembering different folders for different functions; new function to make several JNX files from one input; fix for converting version 4 JNX files to Mobile Atlas

514 and 514_64 Allow selection of files selected for batch; correct handling of PRJ files; fixes to GPX loading

513 and 513_64 Preserve Mercator projections for ttMaps; remove debugging trace from KAP load

512 and 512_64 Write ECW files to create maps for ttMaps (raster maps on TomTom Satnav devices) and other systems using ECW files; write PRC files for Pathaway; New Track Manager functionality. New functionality to load a map from a Map Source (Tile Store) that can be scrolled without limit - such maps can be viewed or used as a base for Track manager but neither altered not output.

511 and 511_64 Fix tile selection for Garmin Custom Maps and JNX; "Build map from stored tiles" becomes "Build map from Map Source"

510 and 510_64 Output boundary coordinates in JPR file for Memory-map; fix for screen DPI scaling - now works correctly whether or not "XP style scaling" is enabled

509 and 509_64 Fix for tile selection view; fix for MAP files with >8 digits

508 and 508_64 Allow Swiss Grid with TFW calibrations, fix for MCD output, restore progress bar for Warp Map; correct handling of EPSG coordinates in feet; correct ORUX SQLITE batch directory not found; allow adjustment of calibration point coordinates by clicking on the Google Earth pane

507 and 507_64 Allow Alpinequest files greater than 2GB; improve image quality when selecting map tiles; allow crop specification by Latitude/Longitude when creating JNX files thus allowing maps to abut exactly, new function to improve contrast ('brighten') map image.

506 and 506_64 Option to crop by pixel position or latitude/longitude; fix overflows from latest verstion of SRTM2OSM; memory management improvements.

From version 506, the 64bit program is installed in Program Files instead of Program Files (x86). I recommend you unistall the old version before installing the new. Your registration and preferences will not be lost.

505 and 505_64 Allow batch processing of ECW files;various minor fixes.

504 and 504_64 Fix GEMF output for rotated images; new Properties menu item; GEOTIFF contains full georeferencing data; default if registry AppliedDPI is missing; any missing areas loading KMZ maps are now white not black.

502 and 502_64 New utility function to convert very large maps - too big to be handled normally - to Mobile Atlas tiles

501 and 501_64 Fix merge tiles when writing JPG; ensure GTIFFs created with GDAL are compressed; new functionality to read GEOPDF files (e.g USGS TOPO, Canmatrix, and crop map collars; fix file names with embedded periods..

If you are using GDAL (GEOPDF,OZF2,OZFX3 etc) I recommend you download the latest release from - then use Edit>Locate to open gdal_translate in this installation

500 and 500_64 Corrections to some EPSG codes; new preference to allow choice of JNX file position; allow commas as decimal separator in coordinates.

499  Improve printing for small areas; faster use of VS for large TIF files; write correct UTM JPR files; preserve zoom and position between View/Crop sessions; Transverse Mercator KAP files; fix memory leak for MGMAPS; progress bar for tile loading. Process .PRJ files if present when loading .TFW, .PGW and .JGW calibration files; the file of grids now contains the majority of EPSG projection codes; ability to choose a different path for temporary files when usingVS for TIFF.

498  Improve WCI decoding; process TAB files from Anquet; control Google Earth thumbnail zoom levels; output iPhone BitMap in a format for the new release due September 2012 (

497  Fix to stop map loading problems for unregistered users. Unregistered users should install this version ASAP to continue their evaluation.

496  New function to print maps; Preferences redesigned as a Tabbed screen, fix KML/KMZ load quality; fix warp to UTM; some menu wording changes; fix blocked map calibration

495 :Load WCI chart files without a previous conversion to BMP; new function to check for updates; some Load menu wording changes; timestamps on logging pane.

494 : Fixes for loading WCI and KAP files; allow KAP colours up to 127; automatically remove empty Mobile Atlas tiles; match image type to calibration type (e.g. JPW-JPG,PGW-PNG); show maximum Mobile Atlas zoom as a percentage of original image; option to write as JPG applies to OSMTracker

493 : Output for GAIA GPS application

492 : Improve speed of pan/scroll when viewing/cropping maps.

491 : Fix for loading large TIFF images; Map view can be zoomed with the mouse wheel or CTRL+/-

490 : New Batchbuilder function to simplify the creation of batch files; Numbered pin colourpicker, KML newline fix, fix to remember Southern Hemishpere between program uses; speed up Mobile Atlas creation.

489 : RMP enhancements (allow input of Provider and Group); use 0-0 for default zoom in batch; manage map tile sources; load from coordinates; fix JNX thumbnails; output Trekbuddy TAR format for Locus; fix for window zoom in Windows 7

488 : Magellan/Triton/Explorist RMP output option.

487 : Improve Grid positioning; correct rounding errors when reprojecting, write GEOTIFF output, fixes for screen reloutions not 96ppi, transparent warp filling

486 : Better performance using Multi-threading when creating Mobile Atlas; Open KMZ without <Folder>; handle Polyconic projections for KAP and MAP files.

485 : Automatically zip BitMap output; fixes for loading Multi-level KML/KMZ files; remove zoom limit on SQLITE ouput; batch function to create Androzic; when writing several MGMaps to the same folder, the content is merged (as for some other Mobile Atlas creations)

484 : Enhancements to map pins functionality (delete/insert)

483 Bug fixes including XML "/>" not being recognised

481 : Fix failure to create SQLITE bug in v 480 - please download this instead. Also batch function to create BitMap

480 Create ORUX sqlite (*.db) mobile atlas; drag waypoints when map zoomed out; shift+left mouse drag for waypoints instead of right mouse drag; new function to load a map from a tile server now including servers with Bing-style (0123) tile references.

479 : Accept .wpt and GPX WPT in Track overlays; improvement to BitMap ouput (now a folder containing a folder whose name is the calibration - needs BitMap 3.16); control Map Pin stalk colour; fix pin generation (now a utility - first pin was wrong size). Note that the "m2grids" file has been sorted into alphabetical order.

478 :  Choice of JNX version 3 or 4; fix Mobile Atlas Tile selection; Map Pins new functionality.

476 : Increase number of tiles on KML import to 5000;  batch processing with TFW remembers settings from last GUI use - so removing prompts.

475 : Make mobile atlas tile selection before the mobile atlas is built (instead of in stages); new functionality to built maps from a local or internet tile server either using a route or track or specifying a place name.

474 : Improve mobile atlas image quality, fix Polyconic KAP files, finish tile selection early, warning when merging SQLITEDB files, display ouput from GDAL etc

473 : Replace MrSIDDecode with MrSIDGeoDecode, Load track points as icons, Faster load of large TIFF files and samller cache for these.

471 : Option to save map image as JPG instead of PNG; New function to overlay SRTM-derived contours onto maps.

470 : Faster load of KAP files; allow higher zoom for some mobile atlas output; write AFTRACK format compatible with iPhone Multiplans app and Symbian app.

470 : Read calibration data from WCI files, option to recalibrate a map completely. Large TIFF files supported in 64bit version.

469 : Transparent tile edges in SQLITE mobile Atlas; write BSB Charts (KAP); More cropping options when loading maps. Not that 64bit version does not support larger TIFF files - but you can install both versions with one registration.

468 :Improve interface - resizable view and selection windows and transparent selection items

467 :Improve Mobile Atlas image quality; fix Map with ECW; write GEFM Mobile Atlas format

466 : Fix JNX creation in certain countries; 2-corner calibration fix, allow input of bespoke grid for TFW files

465 : Show part of map (scrollable) on TFW screen; allow blank lines in TFW files (FAA charts); Write files compatible with iPhone BitMap application, cut images into tiles with calibration.

463 :Finer JPEG quality values,merge treats RGB 253/253/253 as transparent in both base and merge maps, Mercator calibration fix, change image search sequence, new autocrop options.

462 : Fixes for Mobile Atlas creation (stretched images) and view after Warp
461 : Add MGMaps format Mobile Atlas

460 :Handle much larger TIF files; Fix Alpinequest tile selection and format in some countries. Allow JNX conversion to Mobile Atlas as batch function. 460_64 to follow after further testing. Fix zoom levels for Mobile Atlas batch processing.

457 : Option (default) to crop BSB charts on loading, convert KMZ to Mobile Atlas, reduce KMZ messages

456 :Write AlpineQuest mobile atlas format (*.aqm); better handling of maps with only 2 calibration points. Read NOAA BSB/KAP charts.

454 : Handle more CAL projections; improved .MAP output; write SQLite format Mobile Atlas for Rmaps; Utilty function (runs unregistered) to convert non-Garmin JNX files to Mobile Atlas

453 : Write MAP+OZF2 files for Androzic. (64 bit version to follow after testing Zlib 64)

452 :More KMZ fixes, invoke GDAL for OZI map files with OZF2/OZFX3 images, allow exact JNXScale to be specified, speed up some map merges.

451 :Process certain MAPINFO TAB calibration files, preserve case of JNX information

450 :Further KMZ input fix, specify location for KMZ ouput, select multiple tiles with mouse drag and new 'invert selection' button for Custom Maps and JNX.

449 : Allow Mobile Atlas to be built in batch mode; Mobile Atlas transparency fix, fix reading South to North KMZ maps

448 : Allow TFW file with Spherical Mercator coordinates as metres; new function to sharpen a map image, improve quality when reprojecting; save space in JNX batch processing, option of transparent borders for Mobile Atlas..

447 : Irish Grid fix; JNX loader block preferences, allow any GDAL translated file type

446 :Allow JNX product ID to be set as a preference

445 : Fix OKmap load; keep position when zooming; fix JNX with tile selection; JNX for new Garmin firmware

444 : Fix IMP image name; preference to save after edit options.
  The 32bit (standard) version will run on 32 and 64bit systems; use the 64bit version on 64bit systems where you need      its larger capacity.

443 : Multiple batch streams

442 Faster mobile atlas reprojection

441 :Units feet fix; faster Mobile Atlas

440 : WGS84 display; KMZ load fix

439 : Read OKmap calibration files

438 : Irish Grid and IMP fixes. 64-bit version also available Tests indicate that the 64-bit version will handle maps approximately twice as big as the 32-bit version.

437 : Split Warp claculation for larger JNX files

436 : Use Freeimage Palette class instead of memory copy, temp path change for win 7

435 : Change painting algorithm

434 : Optional JNX thumbnail; save/load tile selection; ECW and Geotiff with FWtools; choice of US Survey or International  feet; only warp for JNX if really needed; delete work file when creating KMZ; stop memeory leak when warping.

433 : JNX batch mode without registration, .MAP file format fix

432 : Usability enhancements

431 : Create a Thumbnail layer JNX, control JNX scale in Preferences

430 : Right-click give Google Earth thumbnail view

429 : Use Advanced Garmin Tile control options (size, selection and quality) for JNX files, fix Merge memory problem

428 : Write JNX files, correct Transverse Mercator reprojection

427 : Read 'LatLonQuad' in KML

426 : Free image memory; -g batch command to make Garmin maps

425 : Validate Garmin names; warp/rescale fix

424 : New function to lighten or darken an image

423 : Make 8-bit PNG a preference instead of asking

422: Fix KMZ input error

421 : Fix Multi-zone UTM view; Batch Warp process

420: First .NET Release

 BETA Versions

412 : Orux Maps and correct UTM South

410 : Correct mobile atlas tile selection

409 : Option to write world files as JGW or PGW

408 : Allow larger Mobile Atlas, Write KML untiled, fix TFW not WGS84

404 : Write CompeGPS .imp file; KML track fixes

403 : MRSID fixes (locate and read TIF file correctly)

402 : Force 32bit code on 64bit systems to ensure compatibility with 32bit Freeimage

401 : Fix incorrect colours when merging; incorrect path name in calibration files; default tile size 256x256

Obsolete version, free, no support