Data Protection

I acquire personal data only from emails sent to me. I do not pass it to any other person or company.

All my Emails are stored as folders within Gmail, they are not stored locally. Gmail folders are protected by passwords and other authentification. But I cannot control how Google handle this information. If you make a payment, the email from PAYPAL contains your name and address but no financial details such as account number.

I retain a list of payments with names and email addresses as an audit trail for my business accounts.

When you buy a program registration key, an encrypted version of your name is stored on my webspace to authenticate the key when it is used.

When you register a program key your name and IP address are stored on my webspace. I do this to protect my business against the same key being used on a large number of machines.

My webspace is managed by Freeola who make regular backups. It is protected by a password.

As a sole trader, please address any queries to me : john -at-

10 April 2018