Buy GBOpen Mapping for Garmin Units
The map covers the whole of England, Wales and Scotland but not the Isle of Man nor the Channel Islands.

Before buying,  please click here to download sample map (4.6Mb) of the Peak District. This is a small extract from the whole map. Unzip the file. On Windows, copy the .gmap file to C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps\ ; on Mac open the .gmap file with Garmin’s MapManager.

There is a one file to download which is common to both Windows and Mac.

View the file in Basecamp and/or install on your Garmin device, using the SD card if possible.

Price is 15 (twenty British pounds or about $US 20) paid by Paypal.

You will receive a download link.

The licence allows you to use the map on any device now or in the future but not to copy it for redistribution nor resale.

I can't control how you use these maps so cannot be responsible for any death, injury or loss.

Although these maps are designed for Garmin units (whose trademark is acknowledged) they are not endorsed by Garmin.

Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right 2011,2019;
OpenStreetMap contributors under Open Database Licence
Rights of way data from selected Local Authorities : see

John Thorn, Lorien, Cardiff CF3 5FX, UK