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GEOPDF files use an extension of the Portable Document Format (PDF) to embed calibration information into the same file. USGS TOPO maps are now availeble as GEOPDFs - as are the Australian Mapconnect maps.

Processing of these uses GDAL, but use File>Load Calibrated Map and choose GEOPDF from the list of file types.

Within the GEOPDF file there may be a 'neatline' or 'clipping path' that defines the actual map information as opposed to the whole image that may contain scale, legends etc.

MAPC2MAPC from version 501 will load these files in a single step. If you use Edit>Preferences and settings> Load Tab and check 'Crop KAP and PDF files when loading' then the map will be cropped to the neatline. [Depending on the map, this may leave a small margin].

September 2013 : GDAL is failing with some PDF files. A solution is to open the PDF in a editor such as Foxit and then save the file again.