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Many Marine Applications - such as Seclear and OpenCPN - use a file format KAP.

Any map that MAPC2MAPC can load can be converted into this format.

When the map is loaded (or calibrated) select KAP/BSB as the output format. From version 543 this offers a dialogue allowing some fields in the KAP header to be changed from the default.

The KAP file uses a restricted range (palette) of colours - the more colours in the palette, the bigger the file that is created.. This can be as few as 3 colours but depending on the range of colours in the original file then increase from the default (7)  until you achieve an acceptable result.

MAPC2MAPC will read KAP files and convert them to other formats; it will also read most WCI files (another Marine Chart format) and convert to KAP and others.

Note that the KAP file is a hybrid Text/Binary file. It looks as if the Text part can be edited with a program such as Notepad but this will cause the file to become unreadable with some applications.