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This is a program to manipulate digital (raster) maps and their calibrations. It is not designed to handle vector maps nor to handle encrypted images. See a list of features here.

The basic flow of the program is to load a map either from an existing calibration file or by calibrating an image; optionally to change the map using the edit functions then to write the map and/or calibration in a choice of formats. See the beginners' guide.

A separate function merges maps that are already calibrated.

It is possible to print a map onto A4 pages.

There is also a batch function that will convert calibration files or warp maps with no user interaction.

This software uses the FreeImage open source image library. See for details.
FreeImage is used under the  FIPL, version (1.0).

The file of Datums is by kind permission of Alan Murphy, author of GPSU ( - a program that is recommended for managing tracks and routes and interfacing with GPS units.

Thanks, also for DotZLib class library, a managed wrapper for the ZLIB.DLL compression library. Created by Alessandro Del Sole, 2008 and SQLITE for VB.NET

Bitmiracle's LIBTIFF is used under the following licence :

A missing Microsoft module can generate a misleading 'dll not found' error for SQLITE and/or FREEIMAGE.
Try installing  Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4.

If you are using non-default screen scaling and mouse coordinates appear wrong then go to Settings>General tab and check DPIX

All trademarks acknowledged.

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