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This functionality is new to version 478 and upgraded in version 479 and further in 484

I needed to publish some maps with marked Waypoints so I updated MAPC2MAPC to make the task easier.

If the Waypoints are in a GPX file then existing functionality allows these points to be drawn onto a map either as marks, lines or icons. [Edit>Load Track Overlay]

There is now a new choice of Draggable Icons (type 6 in the Load TrackOverlay pane). When these are loaded, they appear on the map but in full-size view they can then be dragged (left click) and leave a line to their original position. They can be left movable and their state saved [Edit>Save icon positions] in a .gpx file which can be reloaded as Draggable Icons in a Track Overlay. The Icon position (latitude and logitude) can be moved with a shift+left click and drag. Before the icons are permanently painted onto the map they need to be fixed [Edit>Fix Icons]. A right-click on a Draggable Icon brings a pop-up menu where you can delete the Waypoint Icon or insert another. The remaining icons are renumbered if necessary; an inserted icon is placed between its neighbours but can, or course, be moved to the desired position.

But for marking a route, the icons need to be numbered. So I wrote a little program to generate sets of numbered icons with a choice of colour size and style. This program is included with MAPC2MAPC as a utility. Icons are generated numbered 1 to 99 and you must save the 99 (e.g 'blueicons99.png'). If the Icon file in Load Track Overlay is identified as the '99' in the set then the icons are numbered in sequence with the GPX waypoints. Here is an example of what can be achieved very quickly:

map copyright Open Street Map and Contributors

This set of icons can be downloaded from here.

There is also a new function Edit>Create Waypoint Icons which uses the same pins and places a number that you specify onto the map - from where they can be dragged (shift+leftmouse button) to the desired position. Once placed, these can be saved as a GPX route file.