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To access the track amanger, use Edit>Track Manager or click the Track Manager on the View window.

The functionality allows GPX or KML files to be loaded and displayed. Unlike Edit>Load Track, the map image is not altered and these tracks will not appear on any output. Tracks only appear on the view screen, not when cropping, calibrating nor selecting tiles. Loaded tracks are retained even if a new map is loaded or the current one edited (warped, cropped, etc)

Functions are to Load a new track and display it; Remove a track from the list; Save a track.

Tracks can be edited : Click and drag on a track point to move it; right click on a track point to add points or delete them. added points are placed mid-way between existing track points.

To draw a new track, click the button on the view screen and dwar the track by clicking the mouse on the points you want. Finish the track with a choice of buttons - leave the track open ended or close it.

Tracks may be saved as GPX Tracks or Routes. Once saved, they can be permananetly painted onto a map image with Edit>Load Track Overlay.