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Updated June2019 with 2019 OS and OSM data        
Garmin users in Britain have had to choose between Ordnance Survey detail at high prices or maps based on Open Street Map (as Garmin's Topo Lite is) which, in many areas, lack the topographical detail for safe navigation in open country.

When the Ordnance Survey  released its Opendata product in 2010 it was a great advance but still lacking in quality compared to Landranger and Explorer products. I have merged Opendata District Vector data with OS contour data and footpath data from Open Street Map and Rights of Way data from Local Authorities (where available) to make a map in Garmin-compatible GMAP format for Garmin devices that can use it.

This map is available at a price of 15 download.  The maps have more topographical detail than Garmin Topo Lite and are a fraction of the price of OS maps of comparable detail. See here for some detailed comparisons. Note the level of topographical detail : streams, woods, buildings and rocks. The map can be used in Basecamp (with or without a Garmin device attached) for viewing, printing and route planning - and downloaded to any of the devices that support IMG maps.

The mapping covers the whole of England, Scotland and Wales but not Northern Ireland nor the Irish Republic. The Isle of Man and Channel Islands are not included. The map is in one section. The download size is ~950MB. In accordance with Open Street Map rules, the maps will not be locked. You can use them on any device you have but they are not for redistribution nor onward sale. The maps are designed for hikers and bikers : they are not routable and concentrate on the geographic information with a few points of interest. Contour lines are drawn from the OS Terrain 50 product but these are not seen by Basecamp or Garmin Devices as a Digital Elevation Model.

Below is an extract of the image in Basecamp. Rights of Way are shown in green (dotted for footpaths, dashed for bridleways); restricted roads ('BOATs') are shown in mauve; other paths from Open Street Map are shown in red. Rights of Way details are available for most of England and Wales (see for details - and many thanks to Barry Cornelius for the data) but not for Scotland (where the law is different). Where no Rights of Way data is available all paths are from Open Street Map and shown in red. Also from Open Street Map are selected points of interest and routes of abandoned railways. There is a full key here.

The map is available in two formats. The 'GMAP' format is the Garmin format that works with Basecamp on both PC's and Mac's. Basecamp can then be used to transfer some or all of the map to a Garmin unit. The map can be used in Basecamp whether the Garmin device is attached or not. The 'IMG' format is copied to the Garmin folder of a memory card and inserted into the Garmin device. Basecamp can access the map only when the device is attached and it will be slower. The IMG format can also be used with smartphone apps such as Orux and applications such as QMAPSHACK . If you do not have Basecamp - Linux users, for example - use the IMG format.

Please be aware that the latest (4.7) version of Basecamp may not install the GMAP map - workaround details are here . Failure to install is manifested by lack of detail although the process appears to work.

For the IMG format click here.
For the GMAP format click here to download sample map (7.9Mb) of the Peak District. Unzip the file. On Windows, copy the .gmap file to C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Maps\ ; on Mac open the .gmap file with Garmin’s MapManager.
[On some Windows systems, Basecamp will not find the file in ProgramData; an alternative place to copy is C:\Program Files(x86)\Garmin\Basecamp\Maps\]

Please Email if you have any queries or comments.  There are some technical details here.

Click here to buy in GMAP format.

Although these maps are designed for Garmin units (whose trademarks are acknowledged) they are not endorsed by Garmin.These maps use OS Opendata but are not endoresed nor recommended by the OS
Peak district extract
Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right 2011,2019;
OpenStreetMap contributors under Open Database Licence
Rights of way data from selected Local Authorities under Open Government Licence  : see