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MAPC2MAPC is made for raster maps - maps where the map is held on file as an image (usually PNG or JPEG) with the pixels making the map features.. Vector maps define the features as points, lines or areas with the necessary coordinates and a code to describe the type of object. When the map is displayed a Style file or Theme is used to make the display - that, for example, forests are green and lakes are blue.

At one time it was possible to build up a map from Open Street Maps servers but access to these has become more restricted, if not impossible - but there is another way.

The Mapsforge vector map structure was designed as a very compressed form for displaying data from Open Street Map.

Download of Mapsforge maps are available from  Open Andro Maps . The maps can be used directly by a number of applicatons such as Locus, Orux, Cartograph, BackCountryNavigator. But what if you want to use them with an application that only accepts raster maps?

Mobile Atlas Creator will render Mapsforge maps as raster tiles or images. For many applications - Alpinequest, MyTrails - Mobile Atlas Creator is all you need. For non-tiled formats such as KAP then Mobile Atlas Creator can create an image of the whole area as a MAP+PNG combination (as for OZI Explorer). MAPC2MAPC can then be used to process the image into the required form.

Details of how to set this up are in the Mobile Atlas Creator README - the very last line.