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MAPC2MAPC is a program to manipulate digital maps: -

    - Load map images and calibrate them
    - Load calibrations in many different formats and Datums
    - View the calibrated map
    - Crop and rescale maps whilst preserving the calibration
    - Reproject maps to 'Plate Carre' (Equirectangular)
    - Rotate maps to true North
    - Fit maps to other projections and polynomial fit
    - Read and Write Garmin Custom Maps (KMZ) and Write Trekbuddy Maps
    - Read MrSID .sid and .jp2 files
    - Merge, join or overlay maps regardless of the scale or projection
    - Draw tracks and routes onto maps
    - Write several calibration formats
    - Write Mobile Atlas tile sets for Andnav,  Maverick, Back Country Navigator, Orux and

        OSM Tracker. Also Locus, AlpineQuest, Rmaps and MyTrails
    - Write map sets for Trekbuddy
    - Write map and OZF2 image for Androzic or OZI CE

    - Comes with a library of 100+ datums (thanks to GPSU)
    - User-definable grids for Transverse Mercator, Lambert and Albers projections

Will read and write  MAP (Ozi), JPR (Memory-map, Fugawi), GMI (GPSTuner),  MCD (GPSMAPOS, GPSGO), CAL (Pathaway/TTQV), TAB (Mapinfo), TFW (Mapyx/Quo), KML, KMZ. Will also read GUX (GPSU) and IMP(CompeGPS). Will invoke MrSIDDecode to decode MrSID files, Will handle different input datums but writes WGS84. Will load tracks as RXF, TXF, PLT, GPX, KML