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The print function is new in version 496.

The objective of this function is to be able to take a map and print it on a number of A4 pages to, perhaps, take on a trip. The unique feature is to be able to overlay any grid (and its coordinates) that the program understands.

So you can, for example, take a map with the French grid projection but print with a UTM grid overlaid - or Latitude Longitude.

The .NET printing model is based on a theoretical printer with a resolution of 100 dots per inch (dpi). This is close to the theoretical monitor resolution of 96dpi. The program calculates a scale based on the actual scale of the map and the printer resolution. You can change the printer resolution - and hence the scale - by clicking the 'Change DPI' button. Best quality will be obtained if the dpi chosen is a divisor of the actual printer's capabilities : so for a 600dpi printer think of 150, 200 and 300 dpi.

You can select to print only a subset of pages. The maps is displayed on a single screen with yellow lines dividing the map pages. Click on each page to select or deselect it. Drag the mouse across several pages to select or deselect a whole line or rectangle.

To print an area smaller than the whole map  use the Edit>Crop function which you can then Undo.