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System Issues

MAPC2MAPC runs under the .NET environment in Windows XP, Vista and 7, 8 and 10. The target NET envoronment was 3.5 up to version 551; from 552 it is Net 4.0

The program is a single .exe written in Visual Basic. No file associations are made; nothing is placed in the registry.. The 32bit version uses a 32bit version of Freeimage; the 64bit version uses the compiled version from here. There are reports that this 64bit version may not work under XP64. The only difference between versions is the size of images that can be handled.

To upgrade to a new version, just install again - there is no need to uninstall.

The program writes a log of information - please send this if you have technical problems. The logging path is displayed when the program starts. Depending on the operating system, Local Application Data may be in a hidden folder. Preferences are recorded in the same folder as the log in MAPC2MAPC.INI. You may wish to copy this if you change computers. The INI file is shared between 32bit and 64bit versions. The INI file is not updated in batch mode.

Multiple instamces of the program can be run together.

An internet connection is used to display the Thumbnail images when calibrating maps and for Help information. Nothing is sent to the internet after the initial registration.

The Freeimage Library is used to manipulate map images. This is under their commercial licence. ZLIB is used to create OZF2 map images.

Images are normally held as 24 bits per pixel. Depending on processing, one or two copies of the image need to be held in memory. For example, a 10000x15000 pixel map needs 450MB contiguous memory for each copy. Merging maps, in particular, can need a lot of memory. But there are no size limitations other than memory. For a way to handle large TIF images see here.