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How to ....
Grids and Datums
Map Images
System Issues

Custom Map workflow - with thanks to Bill Ansell
To calibrate a map

To merge maps
To create a Garmin Custom Map from a Libre Map Project Map
To reproject a map
To crop a map
To calibrate a map with Google Earth

To make maps for MyTrails from GEOPDF files (USGS, Canmatrix, Mapconnect Australia and others)

To check calibration : write the map as a Garmin Custom Map and load the resulting KMZ file into Google Earth or make sure "Google Earth Thumbnails" is checked in preferences and right-click on a map being viewed.

To handle very large maps

To make Quilted charts for MxMariner

To GEOCode (GEOReference) Digital photographs
To make a Chart for Marine Applications such as Seaclear and OpenCPN

Working with SQLITE files

To make a very large OZI Explorer map with Mobile Atlas Creator

Using Mapsforge Vector Maps