MAPC2MAPC is a Windows program to manipulate digital maps and convert them between different platforms and software. Output formats include maps for the major mobile systems and devices - Android, iPhone, Garmin, Magellan, Symbian, Windows phone ...
If you are processing digital maps, this program can make your task much quicker and simpler.
Not sure? - ask!

From 1 January 2015 new European tax rules mean VAT will be charged and to cope with this I need a new, more expensive, way to manage the sale process - so buy in December to keep the current price!
From version 527 there is a simpler user interface 'Wizard mode' designed to make common tasks simpler  faster and more intuitive. Users who have not installed MAPC2MAPC before will enter this mode by default; other users can use File>Wizard Mode. Switch back at any time by clicking the menu icon. The state of the program data is not changed by switching modes. Watch the video (Firefox, Chrome)
"Now I'm getting better maps than I ever dreamed of for my trip!"   Per - Norway

"I now have my batch process up and running. I am extremely happy." Bart - Australia

"I've tried it first and it does what I need. Thanks for building this tool." Bert - Netherlands

"Thanks again for your
support, fast and perfect." FK - Germany
Updated for 2014 :
Great Britain Mapping for Smartphones and Tablets  -
also OZI Explorer
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Here are some of the things it can do:

PNG,JPG,TIF,GIF,BMP images with
    the following calibration files:
   MAP from OZI Explorer
   JPR from Fugawi
   GUX from GPS Utility
   OXFX3 (not RC4)*
   TAB from Mapinfo and Anquet
  or make your own calibration from scanned
KML/KMZ from Google Earth
BSB/KAP marine charts
Some RMAP (Twonav style) formats
Some RMP (Magellan style) formats
Seaclear Charts (WCI)
OKMap files
Build maps from Online tile stores such
  as Open Street Map
GEOTIFF files*, ECW files*
MRSID files (SID,JP2)*
GEOPDF (USGS TOPO , Canmatrix , Mapconnect Australia  etc)
and others*

* Uses helper programs such as GDAL - see the readme for more details

Crop Map and retain calibration
Rescale Map and retain calibration
Load SRTM Contours
Darken/Lighten image
Reproject(warp) Maps
Sharpen Images
Load track overlays
Load and edit waypoints (map pins)
Save waypoints as GPX
Print map onto A4 pages
Orthorectify Rubber Sheet maps

Load, draw and edit tracks and routes

Built-in Utility Functions...

Convert JNX to Mobile Atlas ("Slippy
Convert KMZ Overlay to Mobile Atlas
Convert Huge file (too large for normal
     processing) to Mobile Atlas
Convert Seaclear Calibrations
Convert ESRI Cache (additional licence)
View SQLITEDB maps, load edit and save tracks for them

Need something else? I will quote for bespoke additions.


PNG or JPG images with
  the following  calibration files
   MAP for OZI Explorer
   JPR for Fugawi/Memory-map
   KML for Google Earth
Map sets for Trekbuddy and Trekbuddy
    TAR format
Garmin Custom Maps (KMZ)
Garmin Birdseye Maps (JNX)
Maps for systems that read marine
GEOTIFF files (Avenza)
BitMap  and Maps-n-Trax for iPhone/iPad
Androzic (MAP+OZF2) maps
Track@way (MAP+OZF2) maps
ECW files for ttMaps and others
PRC files for Pathaway
RMAP files for TwoNav & CompeGPS
Maps for Smartphones and Mobile
  Maverick (z/x/y.png.tile)
  Andnav (z/x/y.png.andnav)
  OSMTracker / MapTool Pro(WebOS) 
  GAIA GPS (Android) [z/x/y_png]
  Orux Maps (XML+JPG)
  Orux sqlite (XML+DB)
  Locus/Rmaps/Galileo/OSMAND (sqlite)
  Alpinequest (AQM)
  SAS Planet (Zz/y/x.png)
  MyTrails/MGMaps (z/x_y.mgm)
  GEMF/Locus/Maaloo /MxMariner  (GEMF)
  AFTrack/Multiplans (OSZ)
  Magellan Triton (RMP)
  DIY MAP GPS for iPhone/iPad (.mbtiles)
  Navicomputer (Windows phone) NMAP
See here for some on-line Map Resource sites.
... and Merge Calibrated Maps using the calibrations, convert JNX and KMZ to Mobile Atlas
Extensive Help files
A wide range of projections and datums supported (thanks to GPSU,
Many processes possible in batch mode
One-level undo for most processes.
32-bit and 64-bit versions (same functionality by 64-bit will handle larger maps)
Ongoing development driven by user requests : for latest changes see the Download page
I am happy to answer queries before you buy and will try to help with any digital mapping problems.
Please Email : calfiles (at)
Free download - an unregistered version is fully functional but embeds red Xs on all maps so try before you buy!
Registration is 10 (British pounds - about €12 or $16) by payment at Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account you can use Visa or Mastercard. Registration is valid for current and future versions, both 32bit and 64bit.

You will receive a personal registration key by Email valid for any computer you use. You will also be entitled to Email support and free upgrades. I will endeavour to fix any problems but my liability is limited to the purchase price only.

In most cases you will receive the key immediately; if you have not received a key after 24 hours please send a reminder email. If the Paypal name is not in Latin characters (e.g Cyrillic names) then the immediate key will fail but a correct one will be sent by Email. Please use this Buy button as that will give you an immediate response.

The registration code is sent as a reply to your payment Email which I receive from Paypal - please make sure that it will not be blocked by Spam filters.

If you have problems with this program - or are wondering 'how do I...?' - then email : calfiles (at)

Some illicit registration codes are being circulated. Do not use them as the effect on your system is unpredictable!

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